Guitar of Life and Death (TS3 Conversion)

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Uploaded 27th Sep 2015 at 12:37 PM · Updated 27th Sep 2015 at 3:34 PM by Esmeralda : Added extra info re stand

This is just a bit of fun with Halloween in mind. It's a conversion of the guitar used by the Grim Reaper in the TS3 Store item 'The Door of Life and Death', in which your sim could challenge Grim to a guitar duel. It comes in the original bone colour plus four new recolours, Black, Crimson, Rusty and Purple, as below (shown sitting on its separate Skeleton Leg stand):

With this guitar, the guitar and stand are two separate items and the stand does not disappear when the sim plays the guitar (this object does not have geostates). Both items are shown as separate objects in Buy Mode, and you first place the stand, which will show no footprint, then position the guitar, which has a 1-tile footprint as normal, onto the stand as in the pic below. Then as also depicted below, your sim will pick up the guitar to play it and then place the guitar back on its stand when finished:

NOTE: You can also use the guitar without using the stand at all, if you prefer not to have a stand permanently sitting on the floor, say for screenshot/storytelling purposes - the guitar will then just hover in the air when not being used.

Both items are found in the Creative section in Activities and Skills, at a cost of 666 simoleons for the guitar and 6 for the stand.

Looks cute and colourful for jamming by day (cute skull masks are by Simmiller, from her Halloween Face Paint collection: ):

And suitably dark and sinister for night jams:

MINOR ISSUE WITH THE STAND: These items work together by assigning corresponding slots to the guitar and stand so that the sim will put the guitar back on the stand. However, for some reason, each time the guitar is placed back onto the stand, the guitar will sit slightly further back from the previous time it was played, until it eventually sinks into the stand. I have no idea why the slots move and will fix it if I ever find out how (I have very little knowledge/experience of slots), but when this happens you can easily fix it by going into Buy Mode and picking up the guitar and putting it back on the stand. It will then snap back to the correct position.

Thank for looking, hope you'll find this useful for spooky sims.

Unzip the zip file and move the .package files to your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods folder.

Polygon Counts:
Guitar: 552

Stand: 383

Additional Credits:
Made with Sims 4 Studio, Milkshape and Blender.

Big credits to Design4Sims for coming up with the slots method of making a separate guitar and stand work together.

Style: Fantasy Sci-Fi
Room: Living Study Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #skeleton, #TS3, #gothic, #horror, #Halloween, #guitar