Default Umbrellas & Parasols

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Update (24/04/2016)
  • Made the .package files smaller by deleting unnecessary resources, please re-download.

Here's a little something I made for myself ages ago - a simple override that changes the first preset of both the umbrella and parasol from Seasons to be more neutral. This affects umbrellas/parasols bought from the catalogue as well as those spawned into the inventories of townies and service sims, so they no longer walk around with the rainbow and stencilled ones.
It makes such a big difference in my towns though, I thought some of you might like to have it too.

  • There are two colour options for both the umbrella and parasol, only have one of each in your game at a time.
  • The dog stencil on the umbrella and the lacy stencil on the parasol are both enabled in the second presets even though the thumbnails might not show it - just remember that they're there if you ever want to use them.

That's all! Enjoy

Additional Credits:
Peter L. Jones - s3oc and s3pe
Inge Jones - TextureTweaker3

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