Lockable Treasure Chest (Updated 24-Sep-2016)

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Uploaded 30th Oct 2015 at 7:47 PM · Updated 25th Sep 2016 at 12:33 AM by douglasveiga

Compatible: BASEGAME PATCH v1.67 or higher

Please, empty the content inside and destroy or sell the "Lockable Treasure Chest" from your saved game before update this mod because the update might corrupt existing ones.

  • The chest and the key will correctly export/import the key code after export/import the lot;
  • Removed the option to name the door and key (issues with the fix above);

A Treasure Chest that you can actually lock with a Key to keep your belongs safe. Only the Sim with the correct Key, inside the inventory, will be able to open the object to view the content.

- Before delete or sell the Chest, it's highly recommended to empty it's content because everything inside will be lost.
- You can put the Chest and the Key inside the Family or Sim inventory.
- You can "GiveGift" the Chest and the Key to others Sims (Requires: Generations EP).

Object Details:
- Name: Treasure Chest
- Price: $800
- Category: Buy Mode > By Function > Storage > Storage Misc

Available Interactions:
- About
- Open

3 channels

Polygon Counts:
1700 vertices and 1300 polygons

Uninstall Instructions:
- Before removing this mod, it's highly recommended to empty it's content because everything inside the Chests will be lost.

Additional Credits:
s3pe, S3OC Blender3D, GIMP2
cmomoney, Inge and Peter Jones
nrass - DebugEnabler
Mesh from TS3 Island Paradise.

Style: Antique
Room: Living Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #treasure, #chest, #inventory, #store, #key, #thomb, #lock, #lockable, #storage