Specimen Eyeshadow

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Uploaded 29th Feb 2016 at 12:10 AM

Heya-ho, my first upload on MTS!

This eyeshadow comes in 23 different colours and shades and is for female sims only.
It has a custom thumbnail and is located under eyeshadow category.

The first 2 images show how the eyeshadow looks ingame.

Please notice that this eyeshadow does NOT contain eye lashes. But you can download the 3D lashes I use from Kijiko.

You can use it with custom skins without any layer problems.

Please do not copy, claim your own or modify without permission.

If any colours or variants are missing, I'm willing to add them. Just tell me!
Criticism is highly requested aswell!



Maxis Flags: None
Gender: Female

Tags: #eyeshadow, #makeup, #goth, #colourful