Club Icon Wall Decals Pack

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Uploaded 5th Aug 2016 at 1:31 PM · Updated 29th Aug 2016 at 11:54 AM by Bakie

If you want to see how to easily place these on the walls and empty signs and get some more info about this mod, please watch my Youtube Video:
Bakies The Sims 4 Custom Content: Club Icon Wall Decals (it's only 2.01 minutes long)

If you want to make some wallstickers yourself, but don't know how to do that, please watch my Youtube Video Tutorial:
The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to make a Wall decal (it's only 10.15 minutes long)

Club Icon Wall Decals
After my Alphabet Wall Decals, I needed some icons to fill up empty spaces on the buildings and empty signs, so I started to make icon packs.
First I made a pack of restaurant/bar icons and this time I made some club icon wall decals.

Just as the alphabet wall decals, these come in 2 different sizes. One to fit on buildings and one to fit on smaller surfaces, like my empty basegame sign.
By using the closed bracket key, you can enlarge them to your own desired size.
Use them next to the my other wall decals to make your own custom signs on buildings and empty signs.

Other Wall decals to use with this one:
Normal Alphabetic Wall Decals + Empty Sign
Simlish Alphabet Wall Decals
Restaurant/Bar Icon Wall Decals
Club Icon Wall Decals
Special Character Wall decals
Number Wall decals

Finding Nemo Wall Decals

These Wall decals won't work on the Dine Out empty signs as they work differently and I don't own that Expansion pack yet.
When I will, I will probably update all these decals to work with those empty signs too.
Special thanks to Anska on the Sims 4 Studio Forum for testing how these Dine Out objects work.

Object information:
No Expansion packs needed.
These are standalone objects, so they won't overwrite any other objects in game.
There're are separate thumbnails for the large and small Club icon Wall Decals.
You can find the Club icon Wall Decals under Built mode > Decorative > Paintings OR type Club Icon into the search bar.
You can recognize them by my "BG logo" icon in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.
The cost for the Wall decals are: 2 Simoleons

If you want to have a closer look at the Club icon Wall Decals, watch my youtube video for which you will find a video link at the top of this page.

Game Requirements:
The Sims 4 Full Game

Game Version:
Tested with gameversion:

I Hope you like it and will give me some credit if used in screenshots or videos!
You may share my creations, but always give me credit and don't upload my creations anywhere else. Just link back to this page.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Sims 4 Studio
Thanks to Anska for testing how the Dine Out decals work. (So I know they won't work with them)
Thanks Adobe for making Photoshop

Style: Not Applicable
Room: Living Bedroom Study Outdoor
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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