Fair wages for service NPCs

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Uploaded 2nd Jan 2017 at 11:56 PM

Do you feel your service NPCs are underpaid?

In the vanilla game they have a very low salary compared to what our Sims are paid in the lowest level of any career. It did not make any sense to me so I set the maid and gardener hourly wages to a value similar to Maxis career lowest salaries hourly wages.
Seemed fair enough, so I used the same ratio (3:1) to update all the other wages. (Exception was made to the obedience trainer though.)

Note that very humble households (if you play a hood with a quite restricted economy) may not be able to afford a maid, gardener or nanny at all.
Basic services would probably be affordable for most households, though they might need to make an effort depending on their income.
Having a butler should be a luxury avaliable only for Sims with high salaries, and with this mod it's likely to be true because it will cost about §1,000 a day.

This mod is a default replacement and it will conflict with any other mod which modifies any of the NPCs salaries - but not any other behaviour.

I have the Ultimate Collection so I have checked all the EPs as required - but it's possible this mod works for you even if you don't have them all. I simply have no way to test it in other enviroments and I can't confirm it.

Additional Credits:
This mod would be impossible without SimPE.
Pictures for the title image were taken from the Sims Wiki.

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