Lady Margaret Crabtree-Spencer

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Lady Margaret Isabella DeStacepoole Cantaloupe Podbertina Crabtree-Spencer prefers horses to people. People are all, it would seem, simpletons, vagabonds and imbeciles. Now in the autumn of her life, her disdain for other humans has led her to live an incredibly isolated life.

In her youth, Lady Margaret was a rather sought after high society beauty, but her icy manner extinguished any initial sparks of attraction that her young gentleman suitors may have felt for her. Her behaviour towards others was noted to be so frosty that Lady Hortencia Bertha Plimpie- De-Champs-Braly was heard to say that even gold diggers gave her a wide berth.

Lady Margaret is quietly pleased that she did not marry as she simply can't stand children. She believes them to be the devil in tiny, sticky-handed, human form and simply could not have them anywhere near the family silverware.

No, horses are quite simply better than people, she will never abandon that view.


Dislikes Children


Grilled Salmon

Custom Content:

This sim is packaged as a .sim file with no additional CC. The following CC is required in order for the sim to appear as she does in the photo, but is not included in the file. She is packaged with a default skintone.


Hair (regular and formal) by Buckley
Eyelashes and Eyelash Sliders by SClub (required to appear as shown, but not included)
Eyebrows Defaults by SimpleLife (optional)
Skin by Kurasoberina (NSFW)
Eyes (default) by Ephemera (optional)
Teeth Defaults by me (optional)
Freckles by Vasilla

Eyelashes by SClub as linked in Genetics list
Eyeshadow by Ephemera
Face Shine by Ephemera
Lipstick by SClub


Eyeball Size and Sunken Eyeballs by OneEuroMutt
Head Size by Jonha
Jaw Height Only by OneEuroMutt
Chin Bone Height
Smooth Face Normal by Pu+Chi House
Waist Size by Jonha
Shoulder Width by Jonha
Breast Vertical Height by Delphy
Posture by Anderson.gsm
Septum Width by aWT
Nostril Scale Depth by OneEuroMutt
Chin Cleft by TumTum


Checked Pattern (casual)
Suit (formal) by Sims 3 Store
Earrings (formal) by Newsea

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