Claybee Nursery

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Welcome to the Claybee Nursery! Lots of base game, plus some EP/SP bits. I also did some recolours that'll work with other Maxis base game pieces as well as with some of the great meshes here on MtS. Just a few notes on which pieces come and go where and with what, but first -- gdayars is a lifesaver made of win and kittens. The Turquoise Dragon let me know about a GUID problem with the cloned FT activity table in this set--and then when SimPE started poking me in the eye, proceeded to serve up a solution. As a result, there is a new copy of in the download. All credit and gratitude to gdayars!

In addition to the normal nursery items (the crib, changing table, high chair, toys) I also did some other base game recolours as textures for HugeLunatic's awesome Quaint Nursery (crib bedding + Quaint dresser and desk = an entire, adorable room!).

Additionally, HL did a lovely Caress of Teak Nursery that uses textures from the base game teak bed, crib bedding, and changing table. If you'd like to use my files as Teak Nursery recolours, the necessary fabrics are here, in this set, while the bed frames (clay and creme woods) are in my Claybee Bedroom, along with the LACK side table recolours to use with Honeywell's LACK Activity Table.

I also did a recolour of Leefish's mechanical skill-building Toy Garage, as well as several for HL's Rocking-Moose.

As a big fan of HL's floor blanket for toddlers I included a couple of shots to show how my crib bedding looks with it.The same goes for Michelle's toddler beds (I especially like her crib match and IKEA).

There are 5 new carpets and walls, which usually prompts me to redo the Claybee build collection file, but since I'm about 200% likely to add a few more before this house is done I decided to wait on that. They are included, though, in the room's collection file (+ icon), and all files have been Compressorized.

Lastly (yes, lastly!), if you don't already use fway's Maxis bedding repositories for your cribs, I highly recommend fway's Crib Mapping Fix.

Here There Be Downloads

Base Game

The Kinder Kontainer (Misc / Kids / 275) - 2 frames & 6 beddings
Sanitation Station Baby Changing Table (Misc / Kids / 400) - 2 designs
The Kinder Koddler (Misc / Kids / 50) - 4 var.
Tinkle Trainer 6000 Potty Chair (Misc / Kids / 70) - 3 colours

Rip Co. Wobblw Wabbit Head (Misc / Kids / 30) - creme & lt clay, revert while in play, then resume
Rip Co. Xylophone (Misc / Kids / 40)
Durably Plush Teddy Bear (Misc / Kids / 49) - 3 colours
Rip Co. Little Baker Oven (Misc / Kids / 100) - creme & leaf
Magical Mystery's Shape, Rattle & Roll (Misc / Kids / 30)
Rip Co. Toy Bin (Misc / Kids / 55)
Bits o' Wood Garage (Misc / Kids / 120) - builds Mechanical Skill, by Leefish
Will Lloyd Wright Dollhouse (Misc / Kids / 180) - cloned

Gentle Glow Table Lamp (Lighting / Table / 120) - clay metal w/ floral panels
Almost Deco Wall Sconce (Lighting / Wall / 184) - clay metal w/ creme glass
Chez Chaise (Seating / Recliners / 900) - 2 wood, 7 fabric
Anti-Quaint-Ed Ltd. Ed. Armoire (Misc / Dressers / 250) - 2 wood
Home Office Desk by Quaint Designs (Surfaces / Desks / 220) - 4 var.

Red vs. Blue Oil Portrait (Deco / Wall / 120) - my pic, my work **
The Lone Daisy (Deco / Wall / 285) - 3 pics, flowers on set colours, my work
Stewart Mourning Cafe Curtains (Deco / Curtains / 97) - 5 colours
No-Fuss Ficus (Deco / Plants / 300) - light clay pot

EPs & SPs

HL's IKEA Moose Rocker (Misc / Kids / 50 / FT) - 5 colours
Contained Fun Toybox (Misc / Kids / 75 / FT) - 4 var.
Teeny Tikes Activity Table (Misc / Kids / 200 / FT ) - clone of original

Teachers Pet Chalkboard (Deco / Wall / 80 / FT)
Butterfly Crawler Wall Decal (Deco / Wall / 85 / FT)
Tell-Me-Tall by GrowCo. (Deco / Wall / 90 / FFS) - redid the bees in creme, clay, & honey
A Portrait of Fuzzy Babies (Deco / Wall / 415 / PETS) - flowers on set colours, my work
Tiny Fake Room Wallscape (Deco / Wall / 700 / SNS) - tiny, fake room redecorated in set colours
RINGUM Rug (Deco / Rugs / 15 / IKEA) - 6 colours
Tres Rugs by Sleek Sensations (Deco / Rugs / 430 / KBS) - 3 colours
Royal First Oval Rug (Deco / Rugs / 460 / SNS) - 6 colours

Caon's Stuffed Freezer Bunny (Deco / Sculptures / 16 / MG) - 6 colours
Daisy, 1st Prize Wiinner at the Fair (Deco / Sculptures / 32 / MG)
Robort the Robot (Deco / Sculptures / 440 / FT)

** Super-Fun Fact: The castle in the photo is Prince Eric's castle from The Little Mermaid, replicated in miniature at Hong Kong Disneyland

Additional Credits:
HugeLunatic for an abundance of general awesomeness
Photoshop for making all those flowers so much easier
Waverly Clay Floral Flourish Fabric
M'liss Leaf Blender Cotton Fabric
As always and forever, Numenor, Quaxi, RGiles, and everyone who contributed to CEP and SimPE

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