Bloxel - Blocky-Pixely Simlish Fonts

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Uploaded 17th May 2017 at 8:10 AM

I needed a font like this for a set of shirts for my sims a few months ago, but I needed something a little bit simpler than my previous pixel-y fonts. So, these were born!

Bloxel and its thicker sister, Bloxel Beefy, are simple, pixelated Simlish fonts. I've also added "shadowed" versions of each.

For those who prefer S3-style Simlish and/or S3-Freeplay-style Simlish, I'm finishing up those versions as well!

The The ~{Sample Text}~ at the bottom of the preview pics reads:

OMG, what the pl*m?! || 23 January 1992 || I <3 The Sims!
Franzilla quickly jots down her list of sixty-five bad pangrams.
A shy pink quail flew over the jinxed cyborg maze.
Cover Egyptian jukeboxes with frozen denim quilts.

Additional Credits:
SIMale for the glyphs on which I based mine

Mayurin for the Pixel Grass pattern

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