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Uploaded 20th Sep 2017 at 9:15 PM · Updated 26th Sep 2017 at 2:54 PM by gdayars : added needed but not included line

Oiii! I started uploading this gal a few hours ago but had to leave so here she finally is!

Her name is Olive. She's one of my bests sims. She's a personal trainer who loves fitness. She doesn't like wasting time by spending it on the couch.Besides sport she's deeply interested in old fashioned poems which seem to calm her down.

A little preview:

Custom Content by Me:
- Olive
- Eyes
- Under eyebrows shadow
- Blush
- Highlighted lips
- Lip balm colour 1

Custom Content Included:
- Facial shadow by SLU
- Facial shadow by SLU
- Nosemask-pale dust by Lilith
- Facial shadow by SLU
- Facial shadow by SLU
- Facial shadow by SLU
- *loveless* liner by dragonmandy
- Skin by Lilith
- Nightcrawler Sugar recolour by landmine
- Nightcrawler Sugar convertion by Martini

Additional Credits:
RedSimmer, sliders.
DigitalAngels, sliders.
Nopke, sliders.
CandK, sliders.
LadyBanes, sliders.
MMNT, sliders.

Clothing needed but not included:

Depy top 6 by e-neillan
Top mesh by e-neillan
Destroyed jeans by e-neillan
Bottom mesh by e-neillan

Tags: #Af, #adult, #female, #sim, #sims 2, #olivia