Rebellious Trait

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Update 07/07/2018:
~ French Translation Added ~
~ Updated Trait Icon, but you will need Movie Hangout Stuff for it to show up correctly ~
~ Sims have a Mean autonomy, so they are more likely to perform mean interactions ~
~ Works with Seasons Update (Game Version ~


07/07/2018 ~ French Translation Added, thanks to FrenchHummingBird ~
15/06/2018 ~ Russian Translation Added, thanks to te@m for translating!


This is another trait that was inspired from the Sims 3 and it was one of my favourites to give my teenage Sims (Thanks to lioness21 for suggesting a Rebel idea!)

This trait was designed for teenage sims but it can also be given to adults!

Sims gain a +5 Confident Buff when they use the Mischief skill, or make viruses, hack, steal and sabotage object;.

Sims will get a +4 Tense Buff when doing homework;

Sims who go outside after 7 PM til 5am will gain a +4 Confident Buff;

There is also a 40% chance that Sims with the trait will get a +5 Angry Buff;


Rebellious sims take pride in sticking it to the man, they love to cause trouble and mischief wherever they go!


~ Throw a Tantrum
~ Smash a Dollshouse
~ Get into a Fight
~ Be Mean
~ Scare a Bird Flock
~ Hit Stuffed Animal
~ Wake Up {Sim}
~ Yell At {Sim}
~ Troll Web Forums
~ Hit {Sim}
~ Insult Someone’s Face
~ Kick a Trashcan
~ Mock Someone
~ Rage Run on the Treadmill
~ Rant and Rave to Someone
~ Send an Angry Text
~ Stomp Trash
~ Take an Angry Shower
~ Throw a Fit
~ Use Punching Bag
~ Try to Calm Down

Career Performance:

~ Criminal career increases 1.75x Faster


~ Mischief Skill increases 2x Faster
~ Programming Skill increases 1.5x Faster


~ Relationships with other Sims increase and decrease at a faster rate (1.15x Faster)

Additional Credits:
Made via Zerbu's Mod Constructor V3

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