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UPDATED VERSIONS OF THIS MOD IS AVAILABLE ON MY WEBSITE!!!!!! https://www.itsmetroi.net/downloads

Depending on if you downloaded V1.2, it will not replace. Use MC Command Center to promote.[/I]

This adds the rabbit hole career for your Sims 4 game. I made the career, levels, money, and work days depending on the difficulty it is to make money. When your sims first start out, they will struggle. However, they will start out with that new channel daily hustle.

To see the mod in-game, here is an overview and install | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn_uwml5Da8&t=13s

The following levels touch on
Wellness (occasional workout/diet/healthy eating vlog)
Video Gaming

As a YouTuber, you learn a lot of skills. Even though the money increased per hour, the number of hours/days you work decreases. Mainly to simulate you uploading a video every now and then. Except daily vlogger.

Request a career by sending an "Ask" off anon: http://itsmetroi.tumblr.com/

Starter (1-5)
YouTube Nobody $10/hr
One hit Wonder $15/hr
Copper Play Button $20/hr
MCM Partner $25/hr
SWAG Branded $30/hr

Career Tracks

Gamer (6-10)
PC Noob $100/hr
Streamer $200/hr
Daily Uploader $300/hr
Tagline Genius $600/hr
Prestige Gamer $1500/hr

Vlogger (6-10)
Viner $100/hr
Prank Wars Vlogger $200/hr
Unbox Therapy $300/hr
Vlogger $600/hr
Daily Vlogger $1600/hr

Hot Glue Gun Mess $250/hr
Creative Weirdo $350/hr
Hacks Master $600/hr
DIY Superstar $650/hr
[Something] DIY $1500/hr

Fenty Beauty Counter Rep $200/hr
Brand Tester $300/hr
Makeup Brand Collab $350/hr
Personal Makeup Artist $750/hr
MUA $1500/hr

One Pan Cook $150/hr
Made from TV/Movies $300/hr
Remixed Recipe Cook $345/hr
Guest Host Cook $625/hr
Master Cook $1500/hr

FX Makeup Artist
NYX Face Awards $120/hr
Halloween Royalty $200/hr
FX on a Budget $350/hr
Workshop Personality $645/hr
Glam & Gore $1450/hr

I used Neia's Beta career tool and there currently is no option to add chance cards/career rewards. (That I'm aware).

Languages: English, French
French Translation Credit: Tynah

YOU may not re-upload to any other site
YOU may not claim as your own
YOU may not edit with the intent to re-upload or distribute
YOU may not add adfly links or any other paid links to my career.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Neia Beta Career tool
Special thanks to Arriannarere for the help in getting this done
Thanks to my beta testers!
Vlogger/MUA thumbnail poses by http://kikovanitysimmer.tumblr.com
Creative Weirdo/Hot Glue Gun Mess comes from the Mr.Kate YouTube channel.

Type: Other

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