EA's Kürt Rogiers & Julie Taton Sets: FIXED

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Uploaded 10th May 2018 at 8:46 PM · Updated 4th Nov 2019 at 9:45 PM by Jawusa

Hi all!

You might now of EA's Kürt Rogiers and Julie Taton CAS sets?
Where you got the sims with their clothing and hairs and face archetypes?

I wouldn’t have done this when M.M.A.A. didn’t mention that there’s an issue with the downloadable EAxis sims from the Exchange. The sims come with a custom face template but it’s terribly broken! It only shows up for one age and one gender! So it’s even more borked than the 2 face templates in-game which have already been fixed by argon.

Some time back, Lord Darcy over at MATY fixed these sets, along with other Maxis sets. However, the face templates were still broken, even in his version! So that's why I made this fix to add the missing faces for the missing ages and genders.

Whilst fixing the faces, I noticed that the clothes were duplicate meshes from OFB, so that's why I made them as recolors instead, so, no mesh is needed for the clothes now as it's already in the game. But you'll need OFB EP for it to work now, so it's no longer BG compatible.
As for the hairs, I've also re-binned them again, so they also show up under OFB and the colors are all genetcized properly now. The face paint has also been fixed.

The fixed archetypes can appear on townies and NPCs now, but don't worry! They're fully safe now! No need to worry about sims with broken faces!
By the way, if you only want the archetype but not the sims and their clothes, hairs... you can simply delete everything but the Archetype package. Of course, the archetype is fully BG compatible.

Anyway, this is for you, M.M.A.A.! I’ve fulfilled your request!

Additional Credits:
Body Shop
EA (Exchange) for the original set (broken or not, they're unique sims!)
M.M.A.A. for your request
Lord Darcy for his original set which inspired this upload.

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