Some religious paintings by El Greco

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I'm nowadays working in a TS4 version of my TS2 Cathedral . I have not been able to find decorations that I like, so I decided to try and create my very own paintings for the walls. It's my first time with Sims 4 Studio, and I liked a lot to work with this program, so intuitive and I really love the nice and clear tutorials.

I have chosen three works by El Greco, (Dom�nikos Theotok�poulos) who was a greek painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance. Most of his work was done in Toledo, my home town, so he's a neighbor so to speak.
The first one is The Annunciation. In the course of his life, EI Greco painted numerous versions of the Annunciation, but I choosed this one from the Museo del Prado, in Madrid, (Spain).
The second one is "El Expolio", (The Disrobing of Christ). It is one of El Greco's most famous works, and it's absolutely stunning. It's located in the Sacristy of the Cathedral of Toledo (Spain).
At last, "El Salvador" (The Savior), it's located in the Museo del Prado, too.

Catalogue Info:

Name: Annunciation
Swatch: 1
Environment: +4
Price: 985

Name: El Expolio
Swatch: 1
Environment: +4
Price: 985

Name: El Salvador
Swatch: 1
Environment: +5
Price: 1465

Location: Decorative (Wall Hangings),, Living, Dining, Study, Bedroom

I hope you like them.

- The wonderful Sims 4 Studio program, I enjoyed a lot playing with it

- La Anunciación, (El Greco) (Wiki Commons)
- El Expolio, (El Greco) (Wiki Commons)
- El Salvador, (El Greco) (Wiki Commons)
All of them are in the public domain.

- The nice and friendly staff from MTS, (thanks for your patience!)

Style: Antique
Room: Living Dining Bedroom Study
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable

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