Matching Pool Frame and In-Ground Hot Tub

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Uploaded 27th Jun 2018 at 3:11 AM

Today I bring you three items, circular pool frame, transparent pool ladder, and an in-ground hot tub sleek. All items works with Seasons.

The circular pool frame comes in twelve colors and a zero foot print. It can be sized up for bigger pools by using ctrl + ]. You have to use the cheat ctrl + 9 to move the pool into position. (see picture). It was cloned from a sculpture from the game. It can be found in the Build-Pool Objects/Fountain Decorations for $1

The pool ladder is pretty much a blue dot (see picture). I made this item because you have to have a pool ladder in pool venues and the regular pool ladder looks weird with the pool frame. Can be found in Build-pool objects for $1

The in-ground hot-tub come in twelve colors as well to match the pool frames. The animation of the sims getting in and out is a bit weird, but livable. It has all the same features as the standard hot tub. You do have to use a water themed terrain paint or floor tile to make it look realistically. I'll add a link below for some really good terrain paints and floor tiles by Snowhaze. It can be found in Buy-Plumbing-Bath for $500

My textures are from either the Sims 4 itself or from the internet, see below

Thanks to Snowhaze for making my items come to life.

Water Unbound I by Snowhaze -
Water Unbound II by Snowhaze -
Water Unbound III by Snowhaze -


Seamlessly stone wall background by Oleksiy
Inca wall seamless pattern by Oleksiy
Generated Rust Or Concrete Background Texture by myfreetextures
Abstract Texture Of Blue Glass Tiles In An Ocean Like Jigsaw by myfreetextures
Blue / Green Generated Seamless Tile Background Texture by myfreetextures

Polygon Counts:
Circular Pool Frame - 357/321/303 poly
In-Ground Hottub Sleek - 929/821 poly
Transparent Pool Ladder - 20/16 poly

Additional Credits:
TinkerCad,, Sims 4 Studios, and Blender

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