Old Anthro Bases

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Edit: 9/13/21 The bases listed here are REALLY outdated an updated version is available here Imporved Anthro Bases. If you have these old bases downloaded please remove them and use the Improved versions they are SO MUCH BETTER

These sims were made in base game using Nrass Master Controller. The muzzle were made by increasing the sliders via Nrass. They should work in your game and show up with the muzzles/details even if you don't have Nrass installed. However if you wish to change there faces in the Chin, Jaw, Nose or Mouth category you will need Nrass With increased sliders otherwise the sliders will snap back into the default position when you try and edit them.

More info about the muzzle editing and creating process can be found Here

You will need to download the skins listed below, the files In the download are just the sim's with the sliders saved and they do not contain the skins. Feel free to change them in anyway, just remember to give me a little credit if you upload them anywhere.

The Gang

From Left to Right: Tyson Dragon, Amaroq Shark, Dean Tiger, Rebecca Fox, Vianna Wolf, Rex Jackal and Butch Hound
Note that Dean's angry white tiger brother Liam is not present.

Edit: Anthro Bases Version 2 is now available! Vr.2 is the same as the originals except the muzzles are edited to fit Camkitty's Werewolf Face Set Teeth. For version 2 don't forget to download the skins and Camkitty's Werewolf Teeth listed below. Note: I used the Accessory version of the teeth, you might have to reapply them in game.

Custom Content Used:
-Nrass Master Controller Here
-Camkitty Werewolf Face Set Teeth Here
-(Zachs Anomaiy Fantasy Anthro Skin/ Skin keys and previews: Fox ,Tiger ,Wolf ,Dragon ,Amoraq / Download Here )

To help download the correct skins for the characters:
Tyson Dragon - Drago Slate Skin
Amaroq Shark - Forset Addle Skin
Dean Tiger - TigerLord skin
Rebecca Fox - Fox Skin
Vianna Wolf - Simien_ANUBIS_SkinbyZach
Rex Jackal - Tundra_ANUBIS_SkinbyZach
Butch Hound - Timber_ANUBIS_SkinbyZach

Poses used:
-Show Style Posepack by Rayne Here
-Don't Worry, Be Happy | Pose Pack by xLoesje123 Here

-No Custom content sliders are required, However I did use Sage's Ear Height Slider (Here) for Butch Hound and Rex Jackal
-Supernatural is also not required for these characters to work

Thankyou for taking a look at my Characters

Additional Credits:
All credit for the Amazing skins goes to Zach Anubis/ Zachs Anomaiy!

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