Peering Pool Futuristic Home

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See the fourth picture on this post to see where you must place this lot!

The last homes I made were all small, and even two years ago, when my last houses were made before the ones I finished a few days ago, were all small. And I may still get back to that. But I wanted to make a nice big futuristic one the other day. I built it on a lot I placed right next to my Entertainment Futuristic Mansion. Both this lot and that lot are on uneven terrain. And so, as I have done in the past with my futuristic homes, I used the concrete slabs to sort of section off the terrain, evening it out in sections. I think it makes it look really cool and different. It ties in awesome with the OL asthetics.

The terrain on this home was even more crazy than on my other home. So, I went crazy with the concrete slabs, making it go in all different directions. But that's what makes it interesting, I think. Because of how uneven the terrain is, I made the foundation basement accessible to the outside on the front of the home, and just a normal looking foundation on the back of the home.

Also, I had fun making this pool slightly different as well. I've added windows to pools before, but never all around. On the part facing the home, I just sectioned off some wall and painted it with more of the pool wallpaper and pool floor and put buydebug lights in it.

Outside there are lounge chairs, a nice table, a hot tub, and a firepit.

There is an extra room on the third floor. You can use this for some crystal plants, a third bedroom, a study, or a gym, or whatever else your sims may want or need.

I definitely went all out on the plants on the inside of this home. I think it looks super awesome! But I understand if you would like to delete some of them.

Due to the uneven terrain of the lot, you should make sure to place the lot here.


Showtime (lots of plants, deco in plumbot room)
Late Night

Somewhat Needed:
Town Life Stuff (outside table and large sculpture used in plumbot room)
University Life (a rug used a few times, brain enhancing machine)
Island Paradise (pool fountain, deco wall lights, wallpaper used in a few places)
HELS (fishtank, alarm clock, fire pit)

Seasons (a plant used a few times)

Store Content:

Comprende Lamp
Haiku of the Lotus
Little Trees
Plant Pocket
Relative Clock
Stacked Planters
Stainless Toilet
Study in Fragments
Study in Shattering
Ultramodern End Table by D. Kyle

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): 295,167
Lot Price (unfurnished): 190,969

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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