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Uploaded 18th Aug 2019 at 8:46 PM · Updated 25th Apr 2020 at 5:36 AM by simler90 : UPDATE 3

UPDATE 3: Sims were too likely to use perfume, so this update makes them less likely to use perfume.

- Added a check to prevent sims younger than teens from initiating this interaction.
- In addition, there is something you need to know about these kinds of new social interaction mods. Any new social interaction mod which uses the Social Plug-in method (like this mod, or my Be a Vampire Hunter mod) can only be autonomously performed by young adults and adults, because the game only advertises social motive to young adults and adults. This means that this mod only allows young adults and adults to use perfume on their own. In order to allow other age groups (in this mod's case, teens and elders) to use perfume autonomously, you are going to have to modify the PersonGlobals TTAB and make the game advertise motives to teens and elders, too. Here is how to do it:
- Copy the Objects.package file found in your latest EP/M&G onto the desktop. Open the file on the desktop in SimPE.
- On the right hand side, click Resource Finder, and then click Group Filter, and select the entry called PersonGlobals and click Set.
- On the left hand side, there is a box with entries like Age Data, Audio Reference and so on. Find the entry called Pie Menu Functions (TTAB) and click on it.
- In the Resource List box, there should be a single resource that says "untitled tree table". Right-click on this and select extract. Choose your desktop and extract the resource there.
- Now, click on the New button in SimPE (white page below File). Then, right-click on the Resource List and then click Add.
- A window will come up. Make sure you are on desktop, and select the XML resource you just extracted onto your desktop. It should be called "54544142-00000000-7F01EC29-00000081.simpe"
- The resource "untitled tree table" will be added to your new mod. This is the PersonGlobals TTAB, which controls the majority of the sim-to-sim and sim-to-self interactions in the game. Left-click on it and make sure you are in Plug-in View below.
- In Plug-in View, there should be a long list of interactions on the left. Find the line 0xF5 (245): Debug - Social DL test, and left-click on it.
- Now, click on Human Motives tab, and then click "Set all like this" below. Now, click the Commit File button above the long list on the left.
- Now, save your mod by clicking File on top and then Save As. Give your mod a name like PERSONGLOBALSTTAB. I'd say you should use capital letters, as it is an important part of the game. Then put the mod in your Downloads folder. Teens and elders should be able to autonomously use perfume now. If you have any other new social mods like this, make sure that they have proper age checks in their tests, so that inappropriate ages do not try to initiate any of these custom interactions.

UPDATE 1: Fixed a few oversights. I have changed the requirement to Apartment Life and/or M&G as the mod uses code from that expansion pack.


In an unmodded game, sims cannot autonomously use perfume. For example, you may have an OFB business that sells perfume bottles, and your customers, playable or townie, purchase them, but they will never use them on their own. The only time you will ever see a sim use perfume, is when you order them to do so. There is a turn-on/off for perfume, but it is one of the most useless turn-ons/offs, because sims can't use perfume on their own.

This mod allows sims to autonomously use perfume. They will be more likely to use perfume when their social need is low. They will also be more likely to use perfume if they are on date, or if there is a party going on, or if they are in a community lot, or in Downtown, the Neater they are, if they have the Romance aspiration, if their hygiene is low, and so on. There is a reason to sell perfume now. Also, I made it so that sims who are part of the currently controlled family can't use perfume on their own.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.

Requirements: Apartment Life and/or M&G.

Resources: INteraction Table/0x7F8A4AF0/0x00000080

Type: Social Mods Global Mods

Tags: #Perfume, #Cologne, #Autonomous, #Attraction, #Chemistry