Dmitri Zhernakov-Potter

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Uploaded 29th Aug 2020 at 2:06 AM · Updated 29th Aug 2020 at 7:30 AM by WatermelonSandal

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Dmitri is Base Game compatible

Dmitri may look like a normal guy, but his life has been anything but. Born to a Russian mother and an English father, Dmitri was placed in care at a young age and last year found himself out in the world after turning 18. Years of being turned away, heartbreak, and loneliness have given him a rigid exterior that pushes others away and hides someone who is broken, and who yearns for that parental figure in his life.

Note: Dmitri is packaged with the hairstyle that you see on the cover image; the hairstyle in his headshots is simply used so that you can see his face clearly.

Dmitri was used to test a beta version of the Upload Wizard 2.0.

Additional Credits:
- This Sim has been checked and packaged with Mootilda's Sims2Pack Clean Installer  V1.6.22

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