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ERO: Etheria's Romance Overhaul 2.4

by Etheria Posted 12th Oct 2020 at 1:37 PM - Updated 23rd Nov 2020 at 4:13 PM by Etheria : Added NOTICE
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VERSION 2.4 IS OUT! If and only if you update to S4CL v1.42 or beyond with this update, please follow the short instructions under the "Requirements" bullet below.

Automate your Sim's physical traits from CAS, see how attractive, how compatible, and how friendly your Sim views all other Sims, randomize everyone's turn-ons and -offs, enable attractiveness buffs on your Sims, and much, much more! You'll have to try it to get a feel for everything that it can do! There are even more options available in the shift+click menu on each Sim for an experience tailored exactly to your liking!

Version 2.4:
-Added Russian translation by Origamika.
-Added more traits: Maroon Eyes, Olive Green Eyes, Beard, Goatee, Mustache, Clean-Shaven, Hip Dips, Thigh Gap, Genderfluid, Intersex, Transgender
-Added more auto-detectable traits from CAS: Beard, Goatee, Mustache, Clean-Shaven
-Added more tags to the "Show CAS Data for Sim" debug interaction.
-Fixed Asexual not being separately choosable from orientation traits.
-Fixed supported modder traits not showing up in the attraction and affinity dialogs.
-Patron vote: Added nationality traits: Norwegian, South African
-Added a question dialog that, upon an outside Sim flirting with a Sim in your current household, gives your Sim the opportunity to flirt back, and if so, queues that interaction and adds the new Flirted With buff.
-Now if a Sim has the Straight or Gay trait from ERO, the ERO attraction calculations towards the same or opposite genders, respectively, will no longer happen. (If you have not set this trait for a Sim, calculation will still be done towards all genders.) Preventing attraction calculations towards certain genders in ERO will only be done by setting these ERO orientation traits, because the way the game handles gender preferences is far too all-over-the-place and literally constantly changes depending on who your Sim flirts with, so again, full manual control of the decision is best.
-Performance improvements and code cleanup.

If and only if you are upgrading from version 1.0 of the mod: You will have to reapply your physical traits and attractions (there is also a "Clean Earlier Mod Data from Save" option inside the ERO Settings menu -> Automate/Randomize/Remove section for extra cleanup), but this should be the only trait reset of that kind you'll need to do for this mod.

This mod requires the Sims 4 Community's Library v1.41 or later to run. You can get it here: - (alternative link here if SFS's servers are lagging)
  • If (and only if) you update to S4CL v1.42 or beyond instead and want to keep your saved attractions, affinities, etc., simply rename the mod's save file in C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\saves\etheria_romanceoverhaul by removing the "do_not_remove" and replacing the second "etheria" with "main"; do not change the numbers, they will be different from mine. So you will go from this format:
    "do_not_remove_etheria_romanceoverhaul_etheria_id_0_guid_1517879296" to this format: "etheria_romanceoverhaul_main_id_0_guid_1517879296".

Compatibility is a priority in this mod; it is made to enhance the Sims experience and work harmoniously alongside any other mods like it. There are no known conflicts right now: that includes anything made by KiaraSims4Mods, Lumpinou, Turbo, KawaiiStacie, etc. If you do discover any conflicts with other mods, especially romance mods, please let me know and I'll check it out when I can.

For all those who would like to translate this mod, thank you! No reposts of ERO to other sites are allowed, so send me your translation and I will add it to the mod, and then you can link to it from other sites.

Known Issues:
  • The dialog box text in the Settings menu will start moving down more and more after you add attractions. This is an issue since one of the latest game patches and I'm sure will eventually be fixed, but it's pretty low priority since all you have to do is reopen the menu.
  • Sims will be seen as Average by default until you start assigning their traits and your Sim's attractions.
  • When automating a Sim's physical traits based on their CAS data, a Sim's eyebrow hair color will sometimes be chosen as their hair color instead of their head hair color if the two are different. This is an issue with how the Sims 4 assigns tags; both eyebrow hair and head hair colors use the head hair color tags, and I only allow automation of physical traits to assign one hair color to a Sim. The fix for this right now is to set their hair color manually if you see it chose the eyebrow color instead. Sims 4 tags also have other weird issues: see extra screenshots of this with the hair and eye color examples in the screenshots at the top of this post.
Some of the Sims 4's tags are wildly inaccurate. For one particularly bad example, the game labels both red and purple eyes as "amber" eyes (I don't even ). There's more detail in the two CAS screenshots included in the pictures section above, but right now the only fix is to set these strangely-tagged ones manually (the full list of hair and eye colors and EA's versus my tags is in those screenies).

The Sims is a game we know and love for its ability to engross us in making lives of our own full choosing and control, but let's face it: for many of us, it doesn't really feel real in certain aspects of the vanilla game. One of the biggest of these for me is the romance, or rather, the lack thereof! When Sims touch and kiss, they barely get closer to each other for more than a second! C'mon, who the heck hugs their partner like that?! Things like this mean it often feels like the game treats romance as a side-gimmick rather than a real and fully-fleshed-out part of life, and I find myself feeling dissatisfied with how the Sims I have who are supposed to be completely head-over-heels for each other are just...coexisting lukewarmly. I aim to be part of what changes that, with a mixture of attractions, affinities/compatibilities, and opinions your Sim has to/about other Sims, among many other features!

So I felt like creating a mod that makes romance a thing in the Sims that people can connect with, one that's best made possible through a unique union of code, animation, and storytelling!

An attractiveness system based on both looks and personality, but also life experience!

Ever wanted to feel more attracted to the Sim of your dreams? What if a guy has gray hair and that's just not your thing? What if she's short (you didn't forget about height slider mods, did you?) and that's totally your thing (cute teddy-sized girls, amirite?!)? What if the Sim has kids and even though you're looking for a serious relationship, you're just not ready for possibly becoming a step-mom? Sorry Simdr date, you're great but that?s just too much for my Sim to handle at this point in their life!

Or if she's an airhead who spends half of her day talking on her phone and only ever wants to talk about her friends and makeup? Boorring.

That sweet introverted girl who is quiet to most, but opens up like a blooming flower when you start talking about video games? Totally your style.

The guy who takes a ridiculous amount of pride in his hair and his swag? Ooh, a bad boy's the one for you, eh? Your Sim has a high Affinity for that! Or at least for now they do!

Has your Sim dated 20 different Sims and their secret admirer is a complete relationship newbie? Well, maybe that admirer won't feel so warm towards you after finding that little piece of info out through the grapevine!

Want to know if a Sim has had their first kiss? Ask them! Want to know who that person was? You can ask them that too, but careful, they may not want to answer if they don't know you well enough or think you're a jealous and destructive person!

Or what if a girl's a homewrecker basically as a hobby, specifically seeking out men who are already taken and trying to Woohoo their brains out like it's some sort of winner-takes-all game? ...That would be kinda hot to some Sims, huh?

Maybe your Sim wants to try out that classic temptation vs. foundation in their love life only to regret it horribly later as they're forced by their spouse to tell their kids about their affair? Ddrrraama!
These are all examples of the kinds of scenarios you can insert into your game with ERO! You decide, with an attractiveness system that makes BOTH physique AND personality come into play!
(Seeing attractive features and personalities will make your Sim feel flirty. If your Sim sees someone who has a certain number of traits they find attractive, they will get whims to want to flirt with them!)

Totally new, custom animations for your Sims [future]

What can bring a romance to life more than ANIMATIONS, amirite?! Happily, I am not only a dreamer of what love can be, but also an animator! Thus, through connecting with the game's code, a huge chunk of the interactions I add will have their own custom animations. Let's get those snuggles, cuddles, and kisses to the next level, and make flirting feel real.

Real affection, real touching. Real smooth~

Add your favorite traits from other modders via my Settings menu instead of using a precious trait slot in CAS

Ever wanted to have more than 3 traits on your Sim, especially since there are so many good custom content ones? Want your favorite trait to be included in the Attractiveness system? Me too! Included is support for some of my favorite traits to play with, the Greek god-inspired traits by PurpleThistles! You may play with different traits than me, so I'll start by supporting some of a handful of my favorites by other modders, but then will add support for the most wanted traits. This way you can add as many traits from your mod folder to a Sim as you want! Supporters can vote on which trait I'll support next. This requires you to make just one tiny modification to the trait in most cases (change the trait type from "PERSONALITY" to "GAMEPLAY" in Sims 4 Studio), which is a very simple process shown in this gif:

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