Farming Vintage Career

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A vintage Career In Farming

I've never found any careers that were vintage, so i decided to make some for myself.
And upload them for other vintage lovers.

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Farming Career

Do you Love the outdoors? the feel of rich soil in your hands? the smell and feel of a nice breeze?
maybe you just like bringing home fresh eggs every day. This could be the job for you! it's hard work and the pay...
Well lets just say you won't be raking in the big bucks, but its rewarding work in a very friendly environment.
We'd be so happy to have you part of our little family.


Level 1: Poop Scooper

Well.. its a dirty job but someone has to do it. Sucks it has to be you.

Wage 8/Hr

Mon - Fri

7AM - 3PM

Reach Level 2 fitness Skill

Reach Level 2 Handiness Skill

Level 2: Egg Collector

Now, you just have to try not to get your eyes pecked out by the chickens, trying to collect those nice fresh eggs.
Maybe you can sweet talk those chickens, to get the eggs a bit easier. Or maybe just for fun, they are kind of cute..
Maybe a little terrifying, but you'll get over it.

Wage 10/Hr

Mon - Fri

8AM - 4PM

Reach Level 3 Fitness Skill

Reach Level 2 Charisma Skill

Level 3: Cow Milker

Well the cow doesn't seem happy about it but its something that need to be done.
Don't forget to give some to Jerry the barn cat, its his daily treat.

Wage 15/Hr

Mon - Fri

7AM - 2PM

Reach Level 4 Handiness Skill

Reach Level 4 Charisma Skill


Level 4: Procreation Technician

Just what it sounds like... You get the "Stuff" and make sure it gets where it needs to be.
At least you're a part of something bigger, soon there'll be cute little baby animals running around!

Wage 20/Hr

Mon - Fri

12PM - 5PM

Reach Level 4 Fitness Skill

Reach Level 5 Handiness Skill

Level 5: Stable Worker

You have all the responsibilities in the stables now. Making sure the horses are fed, watered,
and their coats are groomed and shiny. Make sure they get enough exercise and that their happy.

Wage 22/Hr

Mon - Fri

7AM - 4PM

Reach Level 5 Fitness Skill

Achieve Level 5 Charisma Skill

Reach Level 6 Handiness Skill

Level 6: Field Plowing

Get those horses out there, Fields aren't going to plow themselves! Its gonna take awhile so best to be here nice and early.

Wage 25/Hr

Mon - Fri

5AM - 5PM

Reach Level 7 Fitness Skill

Reach Level 7 Handiness Skill

Reach Level 4 Gardening Skill

Level 7: Seed Planting

Now that the fields are all Plowed its time do some serious planting!! What are we planting today? Wheat?
Vegetables? Berries?! We'll just have to see what boss man wants to be planted.

Wage 27/Hr

Mon - Fri

6AM - 5PM

Reach Level 8 Fitness Skill

Reach Level 8 Handiness Skill

Reach Level 6 Gardening Skill

Level 8: Fertilizer Spreading

Mmmm...Just...Love...That...Fresh...? Fertilizer smell. Get spreading, got a lot of ground to cover here.

Wage 30/Hr

Mon - Fri

6AM - 5PM

Max Fitness

Max Handiness Skill

Max Gardening Skill

Level 9: Vegetable Harvesting

Well, this is a pretty relaxing job, get to be out in the sun, It smells great out, There's a nice breeze going on.
And you get to take something home at the end of the day, how exciting!

Wage 40/Hr

Mon - Fri

7AM - 6PM


Additional Credits:
Zerbu's Mod Constructor

Age: Adult
Career Type: Historical Realistic
Chance cards: None

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