Curtains Are Cheaper

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Uploaded 27th Mar 2021 at 8:33 PM · Updated 30th Nov 2021 at 9:37 PM by TheFandomGirl

EDIT: This mod is compatible with the 11/30/2021 update! Now with Cottage Living!

EDIT: This mod is compatible with the 9/21/2021 update! And now that the base game has official black swatches for curtains, I've removed my half-assed recolors. Also, Each pack is now merged into it's own package! Re-download and remove the old files!

EDIT: Now with Discover University Curtains, and black swatches for curtains without them! Are they any good? I mean, I tried...

EDIT: Now with Eco Lifestyle and Paranormal Stuff curtains! I actually did the EL ones quite a while ago... but I forgot to post them until now...

I just wanted to not have to drop $1000+ on three sets of curtains. No new swatches, no mesh edits, no re-categorizing, just $50 curtains across the board.

As always, curtains are found in Decor, all room categories except Outdoors, have their vanilla names, and a new reduced price. Thanks S4S!

Pictured below are the base game curtains, but I've covered every pack that I own. I do NOT own Discover University or any EPs afterward, I do not own Journey To Batuu, I don't own Tiny Living or any subsequent SPs, and I don't own any kits.

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