Penelope Whells- PURPLE color challenge

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Penelope is the only occult sim purely because it is a pain to clothe all those alt forms. Meet Penelope, a sweet young adult, married to Marcy. Her traits are loves outdoors, perky, and outgoing, with the aspiration Successful lineage. Her associated color is purple. This sim is skilled and has a job, so shes ready to be plopped in the world. Or you could wipe all that and play as her. If you use her id love to see screenshots!

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Requests open

To get this sim to look exactly like she does in the pictures you need these expansion packs:
Get to work (necklace, bracelet, necklace)

Get together (shirt, hair)

City living (hat, dress)

Cats and dogs (necklace, shoes)

Get famous (sandals)

Island living (skirt, top, eyecolor, tatoo, tail, upper scales, skintone)

Outdoor retreat (bracelet, bracelet, shorts)

Spa day (sandals)

Vampires (teeth)

Parenthood (shorts, pants)

Jungle adventures (top)

Stragerville (top, top)

Realm of magic( hair (in two colors))

Luxury party stuff (eyeshadow, lipstick) (can substitute for CC purple make up)

Vintage glamor stuff (necklace)

Moschino Stuff (earrings)

Custom Content required but not Included:

Low sheen red lipstick by Simandy
Eyeliner by Simandy

Tilly Hair by Simstrouble

Everly top by Chillinglysimlish (the mirror works)

face scar by sebastian victorian

daisy braids by PTS

chicka noseblush by sagittariah

latata shorts by trilike

hoodie sweatshirt- by jessiuss(me)

Briad Double Buns by shespeakssimslish

Mermaid tights by Aasym

"perky" triat by kuttoe

Custom Content by Me:
- Purple. married to marceline id is brooke

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