Isometric camera to Sims 3

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Uploaded 15th Aug 2021 at 6:48 PM

I spent about a year and a half dreaming of the day that someone would make an isometric camera for The Sims 3. As no project started actually going forward, I took this torch and decided to do it myself. I am proud and happy to share this with you. I hope you enjoy and have fun with the mod.

This camera will provide a visual experience similar to what we had in The Sims 1.

Previously, zoom-out was restricted to not too far away, to prevent plants, trees, sims and objects from losing rendering quality. This has been improved, and we now have a larger zoom-out angle. Which allows even more beautiful photos and incredible quality

This was made possible by modifications to the Graphic Rules file, so be sure to back up your Graphic Rules to reuse it when not using the Isometric Camera mod.

Now we have two mod options for you to use. Version 500 and Version 1050. The only difference between the two is the field of view on the world map: Version 1050 displays more parts of the world, but with a counterpoint: Some cars and Sims may occasionally appear translucent, ie, almost invisible.

If that's not a problem for you, the look should be pretty close to what we had in Sim City 4. Really charming and nostalgic!

Installation is simple: Choose one camera mod version and place it in your Mods folder.

Next: for Graphic rules, back up your original version and replace it in the game directory. This version enables higher quality Lods at long range, which means it should be better suited to people who play at medium/high and very high settings. And probably present bugs for those who play in medium/low and very low. I wasn't too bold in modifying the lods, so as not to affect performance on modest computers.

Make sure you have the long-range display, texture quality and tree quality options, preferably at the highest values your game can handle. :D

This trailer was made with the first version of the mod. When I still hadn't discovered the improvements in Graphic Rules. Therefore it occasionally displays some slightly buggy plants. Which no longer appear that way in the current version of the mod.

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