Plaza Elite Suites [Luxury Apartments]

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Uploaded 13th Nov 2021 at 5:35 PM

Hey There! For the first load of a high-level project in the heart of Arbordale River, It is designed and intended for implement it to urbanize an modernize Pleasantview... Desiderata Valley... but can surely to beautify Belladona Cove, Rio de Janeiro ... Ibiza ... Dubai ... L.A. (joke) where you want to see it will look great, and certainly on your custom Hood.

Designer's comment: "The eccentric place where they live"
Here is the apartment complex in the alpha zone of the uptown, this ambicious building proyect has nine flats in two towers of palatial architecture that gives it an international and contemporary air. Bringing lovely views and clubs with diverse activities that will meet the demands of the most sophisticated sims. thought for the rich sims (and snobs hehehe) all the luxuries and comforts of the wealthy demanding high level.

~Penthouse Flat:
Left Tower - Casino at the top for the loafers with good taste.
Right Tower - Farewell Bar.
~Flat eighth:
Left Tower - Billiard
Right Tower - It has a chapel for those who want to marry in style and a buffet dinner.
~Flat seventh:
Left Tower - Basketball Court
Right Tower - Suite 5
~Flat sixth:
Left Tower - Suite 4
Right Tower - Gym
~Flat fifth:
Left Tower - Library and Chess Club
Right Tower - Suite 3
~Flat fourth:
Left Tower - Suite 2
Right Tower - Art Gallery
~Flat third:
Left Tower - Exhibition room, Executive room, CEO room
Right Tower - Suite 1
~Flat second:
Rest area
~Flat First:
Left Tower - Disco club
Right Tower - Meditation Club
Back porch
Pool area
The garage area has been taken over by urban music toquins or fretters.

I tried to make it as basic and minimalist (but cute) as possible so as not to lag my game and yours of course however it is a clash for school computers (lolololol)
Apartment lot - 5 units - 2BR/2BA in each one
Basic Furnishings
Light: Left in Frontview
Rent Value: 2.787-3.112
This Lot is CC free and has never been inhabited
A copy has been tested with 4 domestic units to sure everything is allright and work.
EP Required: All EP's and SP's (I'd play the UC)

Another Specifications:
Do not worry about angry neighbors, the 5 apartments are interspersed between flat and flat and here everything is friendly, yay pets, yay gay couples, yay elderly, and party lovers, yeah, yeah....
Of course the building is recommended to live for singles, elders in golden anniversary, marrieds and the newly inserted from the university and need a small place for adults where they can socialize and play and have fun... so much fun!
Sorry if my english can fail.
Greetings from Mexico City that is a green Valley (Not a desert LOL) ;******

My special thanks: To Mootilda for the Turn on/off lights and Sims2Pack Clean Installer Note: I give you freedom without asking to download, play, stream and always share with credits to my work, I have built this batch for 3 and a half days, it's a thrill to finish it. Tell me how you think.

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Starter Furnishings
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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