Skyscraper template - A fabulous empty building for you.

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A fabulous empty building for you to build an apartment tower, a Community lot or a Hotel.

so, the other day I was building a lot for movies or for nightclubs and I thought about saving the template which would be awesome for creating both things.
so I decided to saving the template and upload it here so everyone will speed up the workflow involved in created a decorated facade and setting up a building such a skyscraper for big cities Urban spaces.

Details and facade

It's amazing what you can do with windows, sculptures and a couple of tricks(and cheats).

-The building that I present here is empty.

-I built it with a facade clearly inspired by art DECO(and a bit from art nouveau). To fit in with that classic metropolitan city style.

-I set up two elevators to avoid traffic issues with sims and setted up a balcony on the last floor.

-also to avoid rooftop from dissapearing in neighborhood view added awnings over the rooftop.

That's all have fun :D

Number of bedrooms: Not Applicable
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Unfurnished
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