Bayland A Seaside Paradise Large Terrain

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Uploaded 1st Dec 2021 at 2:35 AM

Hey there! I have a hood full of simmies and it is time to expand horizons but I will not do it with a normal map only, but with many, many lots of beach, so good ... Here I share a beautiful and light coastline of bays.


► Map type: Coastal
► Landscaping: Hydrographic, three bays, a river, a lake, tiny hills around and a rock on center.
► City Mapping: Center .
► Playability: Visible area with default camera.
► Map geography: 50% Water 50% Earthy.
► Ground level: 1st flat from Sea level.
► Neighborhood size: Large.
► Habitable zonning: Flattened.
► Town growth: Uptown.
► Roads extension: Mixed.
► Roads in the vicinity: 30%.
► Functionality: Any type of district and terraintype.

Caution: There is an oceanic Leviathan on the outskirts that likes to devour millions of pixels per bite, they will have to breed mantarays and alligators to be able to feed the scary monster. I am not responsible for the plumbies that suffer casualties, to compensate it opts for an implacable population.

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