Testers wanted: Magical Career

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Uploaded 26th Jun 2005 at 12:56 AM · Updated 26th Jun 2005 at 10:16 AM by athenegw : Adding details of career levels.

Hello folks.

Here's a magic career for you, I don't want to tell you all the levels but you start off as a novice and end up as Arch-mage. I've tested it on my game and it works. I've not come across any issues but if anyone has any please let me know.

Magic Career for Adults
Base career is athletics and the reward is the athletics.
Own GUID so shouldn't overwrite the athletics career.
All chance cards are written.
It has it's own icon (its not very good but I'm not arty at all)

Career levels are
1. Novice
2. Apprentice
3. Journeyman/woman
4. Evoker
5. Sorcerer
6. Magician
7. Wizard/Witch
8. Master Wizard
9. Guild Master
10. Arch-Mage