New Kitchen, ** Prairie Style ** ~~Stove UPDATE~~

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Uploaded 10th Aug 2005 at 8:38 PM · Updated 15th Aug 2005 at 4:14 AM by CTNutmegger : Updated Stoves

~~UPDATE 14/8~~
New versions of stove, both are now recolorable, and have oven options restored.

~~UPDATE 13/8~~
It seems the low counter has a problem with recoloring, only the countertop texture gets exported. I don't know if it's caused by me installing several newer, broken versions of SimPE while I was working on this set or something I did wrong, but it seems the only solution at this time was to redo the mesh and make it a one texture object and not mix and match like the regular counters.
So if you want to recolor or use recolors of the countertop and base you need the newer version of the mesh.

I have also uploaded a new version of the wall cabinets that should be compatible with all versions of the game, no EP required.

And Maxis changed the code for island counters so they will work with the dorm cooks for the expansion, because of that, they don't work in a game wthout Uni installed so I also made a non-UNI version of the island.

There is a non UNI version of the country stove that I would like to have anyone without the expansion test for me. I only had a few minutes on a game without UNI and Don was using it without any problem, but it needs further testing to be sure.

Another room on the Prairie Style Theme, this time the kitchen.

20 new meshes (if you take into account that the island counter contains 3 and the base counter contains 5).

This one took longer than I had planned due to a problem with the stove. When I cloned it onto anything but the University Commercial stove the Simmies would have problems removing any food that was cooking from the stovetop.

Because of this you may not be able to use the stove if you don't have the University Expansion. I will keep working on it to see if I can get the non-exp version working correctly.

All other pieces should be compatible with all versions of the game.

I have also cataloged the wall cabinets, pie safe, and the low counter to appear in Surfaces - Misc, to make them easier to find, or if you use the Room Sort, they will be under Kitchen.

The decorative pieces, spicebox, Shaker boxes, and bread box will be found in Decorative - Misc., also found under Kitchen in Room Sort. zip files containing multiple objects --, = Sienna floor tile, Breadbox, Shaker Boxes, and Spice Chest as well as a recolor of a Maxis Bar Stool. = 4 wall cabinets = 5 Wall coverings (cataloged as Panel)
Other zips contain one object each.

Poly and Vert counts --
Breadbox -- 192, 176
Base Counter -- 947, 1301
Low Counter -- 429, 656
Island Base -- 771, 1110
Shaker Nesting Boxes -- 504, 330
Spice Chest Box -- 264, 528
Wall Cabinet-plain -- 366, 498
Wall Cabinet-corner -- 330, 450
Wall Cabinet-open door frame -- 1218, 1214
Wall Cabinet-open shelves -- 944, 977
Stove Hood Light -- 514, 463
Pie Safe Cabinet -- 780, 1050
Sink -- 862, 628
Country Stove -- 970, 1614

Bar Stool is a recolor of a Maxis mesh.
Wall panels match the walls found in the other Prairie Style room sets.

The 3 tile table that is seen in the pic is part of the Prairie Dining Room that can be found HERE. To anyone having a problem with not being able to order Sims to eat or clean up areas of that table, I've just uploaded a new version to that post that should solve the problem.

My mesh rules :howdy: --
All my meshes are Free to re-colour as you want, however if you post on a pay site, the mesh MUST not be renamed and MUST remain a free download, or post a link to a free download.
Anything made by me is File-Share-Friendly and MUST remain that way.

Enjoy, Kathy
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