ATM Machine << UPDATED 03/04/2006 <<

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Uploaded 3rd Sep 2005 at 6:33 PM · Updated 14th Mar 2007 at 4:52 AM by monique

First, I would like to thanks HChangeri for his/her wonderful texture that made this hack looks like an ATM machine. You can find that recolor from here:

I managed to transfer some features of bank online from my hacked computer into this object except for "transmit features" because I'm having a problem with bad object array error so I temporarily disabled that features.

The zip contains four files, 3 bank controllers taken from my hacked computer and the object itself, so if you have my hacked computer it will prompt you to overwrite 3 files (MQ_Computer_Global_Bank.package, MQ_Computer_Global_Bank_Bills_Controller.package and (MQ_Computer_Global_Bank_Controller.package) just simply overwrite them, they are the same files.
Note: (03/14/2007) When I made this hack my hacked computer and this hack were using the same bank controllers, but now the hacked computer has the latest bank controllers. If you downloaded this last and you are using my latest version of hacked computer pls do not ovewrite those three bank controllers. What I mean is if you are going to use my hacked computer and this object always use the bank controllers of my hacked computer.

So here are the features:
Check My Account
Donate Money...

Just like my hacked computer, deposit and loan will gain interest too (pls read my hacked computer for more info).


UPDATED 03/04/2006

-Updated to OFB



Supported languages: US/UK and French (Sorry, I dont know how to translate it to other languages)

The screenshots are taken from community and residential lot.

Hope you enjoy it.

Monique :angel: