Oasis Valley Shopping Plaza

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Uploaded 3rd Sep 2005 at 9:22 PM · Updated 4th Sep 2005 at 4:00 PM by Bobbo : forgot to add a shop

Hey everyone! :howdy: This is my first time trying an upload (well, I forgot to add in-screenshots last time so I'm adding them this time lol) and my first time ever making a really big lot.

I the electronics store has the cell phone booth, so yes, it is EP required. Maybe latr on I'll add a non-EP lot if I can

The only items not made by maxis are the shoestore items, actually a recolor of the magazine rack, from http://www.sims.top.to .

In this shopping plaza there's an info center, show store, book shop, cafe (sims have to make their own food currently...if you can tell me how there can be a cook appearing, please let me know! thanks!) a workout center/spa, pool, museum, clothing boutique, electronics store, grocery center and a florist. Overall it's a really cute shopping plaza with lots to do.

If this goes well then I'll also work on making a hotel and waterpark, maybe some others...but this is all for now. but thanks and enjoy!