Club Gear for Warlokk's mesh - cheekier option

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Uploaded 7th Oct 2005 at 11:33 AM · Updated 26th Feb 2006 at 1:16 PM by roxxy

This is based on the bodyshape that Duschenka used in his Adult - Club gear for Warlokk`s mesh. I think the chest is 38dnat (check link box on the side of post)

I wanted to add some colour and since you could already see her panties, I decided to go a little cheekier and add suspenders and a glimpse of stockings

The 3 dresses will also show up in formal and everyday wear.

Hope you like them, I might add a few more sizes soon if there is any interest for them.

Sizes now available are ;

36d36 as per original upload


a total of 21 outfits in 3 colour choices, now my fingers are definately tired. LOL

Take a look at some of my other uploads for co-ordinating peices, and if you like them click the thanks button and spread some cheer. :-)