Mystery House Inspiration

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I saw a request on the forums once about the Winchester Mystery house. Its big and most people thought you couldn't do it. well i did

I have to say that it really was INSPIRED by the real thing because it was just too much work really creating that house. but i think that this one looks pretty cool compared to the original.

Some data.
The house is placed on a 6x5 lot, and you really need Nigtlife and university to play it.

It has 4 floors.
- Basement
- Ground floor
- first floor
- second floor (attic)

It comes with 2 Driveways ( invisble driveway download here: )

It also has 2 pools. (1 indoor, 1 outdoor)

It has 21 STAIRS!!!
It has over 35 ROOMS!!! including: some furnished rooms like a bowling lane, dance room, spa, fitness room, sitting room, poker room, bedroom (master), office, library, and art room.

Also it has a furnished kitchen, and 6 furnished bathrooms, and an additional 12 furnished toilets!!

now all of this requires a lot of work from your computer so do not download if you think your pc can't handle it. i have a 256 mb videocard and my pc almost couldn't handle it.

I hope all of you enjoy this house. oh yeah one more thing, please make sure you have some very rich Sims because the price of this house is $692,094!!!!! :D