Lightly Furnished Modern Efficiency

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Uploaded 6th May 2006 at 8:01 AM

For my second upload, I offer a lightly furnished modern-style efficiency home.

If I keep trying to build huge houses that no sims can actually afford, I'm going to kill my computer anyway.

Cost: $19,948
Lot Size: 2x2

There is plenty of room for your own little flair, and I intentionally left the landscaping blank on this one because I think it makes this pseudo-glass house stand out. Sims2Pack Clean Installer has indeed been run, and these are Maxis-made items with no recolors. I'm pretty sure that you only need Nightlife and Open for business on this one-- I'm horrible at knowing what floors came with what expansions when they're simple wood floors like these.

Ideal for a single sim, but you could always have another sim crash out on the love seat. It's very open-- the actual house is only 2 real rooms, the bathroom in the center with actual walls, and the rest of the house is sort of sectioned off with half-walls.

The only thing that is pretty vital for a brand new sim that is missing is a smoke detector. You are warned! :D