Shorikiki - Traditional Japanese Pre-fab

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Uploaded 8th May 2006 at 2:42 AM · Updated 22nd May 2006 at 6:44 PM by en7en

For a long time now, I've been asked to do a pagoda-style house that wouldn't break your sim's bank... or your computer's back. Personally, I've always been very generous to my sims when it comes to money cheats, but I understand that many people are purists, and like their sims to toil and earn their way. Well, penny-pinchers, here's one for you!

You can get started on your dream of living in a traditional japanese house with Shorikiki. The gracefully curved roof is built from the cheapest, flimsiest salvaged wood, and is 100% guaranteed not to leak on sunny days! The interior features a roomy kitchen/dining/living room, a cozy bedroom nook, a cute bathroom alcove and an adorable toilet closet. Shorikiki can comfortably house one sim, and uncomfortably house many more!

The lot was extensively tested, and a single sim can prosper on it, through much toil and suffering. The 3x2 lot runs fast on a small computer, and the 17,740 price tag makes it instantly ownable, since it is already fully furnished with the cheapest, flimsiest furniture, including everything you need to barely scrape by!

It will be a poor and miserable existence, but one also filled with meaning and zen and bushido and all that jazz! So move right on in, and enjoy the rice-a-roni!

Shorikiki is inspired by my Shozen series. Check out my profile for the much more expensive Shozen houses.

* No EP required
* Hack-free
* 100% maxis-original everything.
* My Ultimate Architecture Tutorial can be found here

* To run this house on your machine, and to build interior walls, you need to install the Unleveled Walls by Numeror (Praise be his name!) These walls are not a normal install: They don't go into the regular downloads folder. Read Numeror's instructions and do not use Qxpress to install the walls.

Let me know how you like it, and rate and thank as deserved.
If you use it in the game, please do post a screenshot or two here. Thanks!

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