Kickable and Pickup-able 'Ye Olde Signpost' from 1291

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Uploaded 19th May 2006 at 9:11 PM

Hi everybody

OK, here we go- another mesh. This time it's a signpost that can be kicked over and picked up again (as it's cloned from the flamingo statue)- see for yourself

Q and A

Q- OK, can I use it with {Enter EP configuration}?
A- All you need is TS2 at least.

Q- Fair do's- how many polys?
A- 566, which is OK

Q- How do I install?
A- Place the MESH file in your download folder.

Q- Can you give me some details about this object? Cost, location etc.
A- It costs $70, and provideds +4 fun.

Q- Does it actually fall over?
A- Yes- and it can be picked up again. It's fully animated, as it's a clone from the Flamingo statue, and therfore retains all the animations.

Q- So what can I do with the file?
A- *RECOLOURS can be posted ANYWHERE on the internet
*The MESH must never go further than your Downloads folder. Not on MTS2, not on any website. If you post recolours, please link back to this thread (any drop me a line if possible). I hope you appreciate my wishes

Q- What is recolourable?
A- The back post and the signs. The plant and nail at the bottom are not recolourable.

Q- Any issues?
A- None at the moment, but please report any unusual problems you may find

Q- Anything else I ought to know?
A- For any recolours to appear, you need the CEP by... well, I'll give three guesses...

Q- Errr...
A- Any more questions or issues can be posted in this thread



P.s- The sign leaning against the post has a very interesting message on it