Ashley Cataline Plain Double Bed MESH and 7 recolors (test please)

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Uploaded 19th Jul 2006 at 6:50 PM · Updated 4th Aug 2006 at 7:59 AM by suceress

This is my first completed mesh. It is based on my own bed which is part of the Ashley Cataline Onyx set. My first recolor was inspired by the catalog picture of the Ashley Cataline Onyx set. I liked the texture but thought a lapis version would be cool too. I also decided for some odd reason to try out a white texture that was sort of like quartz. Then I decided to make silver accents instead of gold. There was a quartz-silver one made but it was so horrible I immediately deleted it when I saw how it looked in the game.
If you can't see the pictures, the bed has a rounded headboard with curved trim on the outside and raised accents on the inner part.
Since the picture I uploaded isn't that great but I don't want to tax the bandwidth of this site too much, I uploaded a picture of the bes using various custom beddings from all over (I don't remember where I got each one).

I used regular Maxis bedding, even though its not my favorite, for the screenshots because I couldn't remember where I got most of my bedding and I didn't think it would be fair to not be able to say where to get it from.

Thanks to Teknofil for showing me how to mesh, to Fresh-Prince for patiently spending hours guiding me through SimPE and the object creation process and answering my questions, to HystericalParoxysm, Simaddict, LyricLee, JohnBrehaut, Lethe, Delphy, Starbuck, Anna, Missangela, and everyone else at the sims2community chat who put up with my incessant questions (sorry for any names I left out), and to Monkeeleader for inspiration. I could not have done it without you folks! Thank you!

The material definitions have been edited to make it a bit more shiny/glossy.

Recolors: Please feel free to recolor as much as you want. I would love to see what people come up with. I tried to make the texture map easy to recolor. I don't know how well I did since this was my first time trying it (I had to remap over a dozen times before I found something I was happy with). The mesh is free for everyone. I don't mind if people include it in their downloads, but I would appreciate knowing if you are using it because it will make me feel special.

You can see the texture map here

Since this is my first completely custom object I don't know if it has any problems. It seems ok in my game, however if anyone encounters problems, please let me know. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Price: 500
Comfort: 8
Energy: 8
Room: 6

I believe the poly count is 1828
Note: You MUST load the onyxgldMESH file or else the recolors will not work!

su_ashcatbedplngloss_onyxgldMESH.rar ->MESH, black with gold trim
su_ashcatbedplngloss_onyxsilv.rar ->black with silver trim
su_ashcatbedplngloss_lapisgld.rar ->blue/black pattern with gold trim
su_ashcatbedplngloss_lapissilv.rar ->blue/black pattern with silver trim
su_ashcatbedplngloss_malactgld.rar ->green/black pattern with gold trim
su_ashcatbedplngloss_malactsilv.rar ->green/black pattern with silver trim
su_ashcatbedplngloss_quartzgld.rar ->white crystal-like pattern with gold trim

Added su_ashcatbed_wood1.rar ->wood texture with gold trim

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