Classical Brick Mansion

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The Cumulative brick mansion was built in 1910 by a man named Sir Issac Jacobsin for his lovely wife. After it was finished they moved in. But after about a year they both were shot one faithful night by a robber. Ever since the house has been vacant...

Cost: 187 832

Floors: 2

Bedrooms: 3

Bath: 1

Furnished: Fully

Lot Size : 3 x 4

Custom Content

Blue Stone Terrain Paint -

Bedding -

Kitchen Sink -

Piano -

Fire Place -

Lime Tree -

Pine Bed -

Invisible Driveway -

Retro Stove -

Stairs -

Back Door -

Rock Terrain Paint -

Windows -

Brick Walls -

*Note - There is no electronics besides the phone in this house because like I said it has been abandoned since 1911...

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