Gain body skill points extremely fast with Magic Exerciser - Bugfix 2007-04-25

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Uploaded 22nd Oct 2006 at 2:39 AM · Updated 1st Apr 2008 at 11:10 AM by CtfG : SSn Bugfix regarding Plantsims using this object

- Extremely fast body skill gain (approx. four times faster)
- Does not overwrite the behaviour of Maxis' standard training objects
- Available in Buy mode: Hobbies - Training (costs 8,500, but it's worth the price)
- GUID registered with SimPE to avoid conflicts with other SimPE-registered mods / hacks.

Needed files:
- CtfG_MagicExerciser_v0.1.package

Installation / Uninstallation:
To install, simply extract the file into your Downloads folder in "My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2".
To uninstall, remove or delete the file.

Update 2006-10-24:
While testing the next Magic object, I discovered that multi-tiled objects need a different treatment than one-tile objects. Please download the new version! The previous version will overwrite Maxis' base model of this machine! Sorry for this *shame*

Update 2006-11-02
Pets-compliant: Yes. No further modifications necessary.

Update 2007-03-29
All Magic items work with SEASONS.

Update 2007-04-25
Fixed a bug reported by dawnadoggies. Read here for details. Please re-download this object if you have Seasons installed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update 2008-04-01
This object is outdated by EP7 "FreeTime" and no longer supported. For further details, please check:

Have fun!

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P.S.: Please don't ask for the sport suit. It's my creation, but it doesn't meet the MTS2 standards, so it is not available. Sorry.

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