XFL Jersey Set *By Request*

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Uploaded 23rd Dec 2006 at 6:38 PM

Finally, it's done (and right before X-mas at that).

It took a while to do (mainly because the texture map gets really weird around the shoulders making it near impossible to put numbers on them... but I managed), but now everyone can enjoy the style and profiling jerseys of the one-hit-wonder football league - the XFL.

There is a noticable difference in this set in comparison to the others I've done. It was created with a base install Full Outfit mesh for males (only). Personally I don't like many (if any) of the base meshes, but due to the response I got in favor of universally compatible jerseys, I figured I'd do this set with the base mesh. Depending on how this goes over, I may use the same format in future jersey projects (such as the CFL), but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Bear in mind none of these jerseys have names of actual players on them. I didn't feel like putting the research in for that so they just have the team name on back and random numbers on the jerseys. Please do not ask for personalized XFL jerseys. This is a one shot deal done as a request. If you ladies would like replicas done (with the base Baby Tee mesh) I'll probably do it (per request), but that's it. Sorry guys.

Anyways, the set includes the following:

Birmingham Thunderbolts Home Jersey
Birmingham Thunderbolts Away Jersey

San Francisco Demons Home Jersey
San Francisco Demons Away Jersey

Chicago Enforcers Home Jersey
Chicago Enforcers Away Jersey

New York / New Jersey Hitmen Home Jersey
New York / New Jersey Hitmen Away Jersey

Memphis Maniax Home Jersey
Memphis Maniax Away Jersey

Las Vegas Outlaws Home Jersey
Las Vegas Outlaws Away Jersey

Orlando Rage Home Jersey
Orlando Rage Away Jersey

Los Angeles Xtreme Home Jersey
Los Angeles Xtreme Away Jersey

That's about it people. See ya'll in the new '07 year. Be happy and stay safe.

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