KSK V3 TASTY Beautiful Realistic Skintones PLUS "Spooky" Defaults

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Hi everyone!

First up, credit must go to Kathy for giving me her kind permission to again incorporate her realistic lips into Version 3 of TASTY skintones. She is so modest, she said to not worry about giving credit, but she deserves it. Her original work I used for the lips is here: http://www.insimenator.net/showthread.php?t=4615

If you want to upload these skins with a complete packaged sim, please do so and you can post wherever you like if you give credit for my work.

Of course it's OK to use in pictures/screenshots or movies, and don't worry about credit for those purposes.

Thankyou all for your feedback on the earlier versions, and providing suggestions.

Especially * Krayzieworld * for suggesting to add more prominent collarbones and an adam's apple. Your suggestion was awesome! It has been done. :D

SETS ARE COMPLETE. All ages, both genders, all fitness states - please note, the skins will look different between the fat, normal and fit states (will suit both Maxis mesh and the awesome Marvine+Beosboxboy bodybuilders & athletes meshes of both genders). So you have to exercise your sims to see the skin change to fit.

Please note, that although you may see a "treasure trail" of hair on the males, THESE SKINS DO NOT HAVE HAIR or any other anatomically correct parts. You will have to go elsewhere to find *those* skins

These skins are also available as defaults thanks to SpookyMuffin - a very BIG THANKYOU!!! to you, SpookyMuffin, for making a default version Note that all the default skins are in the file clearly labelled "default" and these are the S2 Cream to S4 Chocolate tones.

Spooky also made it possible that the S0 non-default custom skin is genetic, so if you breed the sugar skintone with a genetic dark skintone, the child's skintone can be be either of those tones or somewhere in between.

I've made the real eyes available for you; you can even use the sclera to put your own eyeballs on and look great, I also uploaded the original photoshop file for you to use to get it right - go here to get the real eyes (and the photoshop file if you want it):

Skintone codes:
S0 = Sugar (lightest)
S1 = Cream (2nd lightest)
S2 = Caramel (middle tone)
S3 = Coffee (2nd darkest)
S4 = Chocolate (Darkest)

Have fun

***What you ARE ALLOWED and ARE NOT ALLOWED to do with these skins if you want to use my skins as a base for your own skintones YOU MUST READ ALL OF THESE CONDITIONS and comply with them (if you do not want to do anything with these skins, skip this section ****

These types of alteration are NOT ALLOWED:
* NO blending these skins with other skins
* NO changing the skin itself
* NO "tweaking" of any part of the skin
* NO grafting or putting on of other skins onto these skins
* NO taking any part of this skin to put onto other skins in any way shape or form!!!
* NO adding of sexual features to these skins - this also means NO NIPPLES ON FEMALES and NO PUBIC HAIR on either gender DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THIS. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse because these terms are crystal clear and you have NO excuse for being too lazy to read these conditions if you wanted to make use of my time and effort.
I will hunt you down.
You have been warned.

You are ALLOWED these types of alterations:
1. to CHANGE THE COLOR of the skintone and repost where-ever you like providing you give credit for my work.
2. to PUT TATTOOS ON and repost where-ever you like providing you give credit for my work.
3. to put body-hair on, so you can make males with hairy chests, arms and legs or even back (heaven forbid) for example, and repost where-ever you like providing you give credit for my work.
4. To put SCARS on the skin and repost where-ever you like providing you give credit for my work.
5. To put piercings on the skin and repost where-ever you like providing you give credit for my work.
6. If you think of something else you'd like to do that isn't covered, please PM me.


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