25 Cedar Grove: $26,369

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Uploaded 7th Feb 2007 at 11:03 PM · Updated 8th Feb 2007 at 11:46 PM by TKDKid191

Hello again and here I am with yet another upload. Sorry that it's been a while but school had been CRAZY! So, today in World Civ. (Social Studies) I started to daydream and eventually that lead me to the idea of creating this house. I'm such a loser By the end of the class I had everything planned out down to what counters to use in the kitchen. I wonder if playing the Sims 2 is an addicton. Enjoy!

25 Cedar Grove
2X4 Lot
1 Bedroom (Entire 2nd floor)
Combined Living Space/Kitchen
1 Bathroom
Carport(move_objects on was used to position the pillars. It doesn't affect your sim getting in and out of their car in any way. BE SURE to put the code in before changing out the pillars if you want to.)

The kitchen is in place, everything from expensive Maxis appliances to a microwave, coffee machine and food processor. (Need to add trash compactor and sink.)
Burglar/Fire Alarm
Finished Bathroom
4 Outdoor lights

1. Do NOT redistribute my work or take credit for it. Do NOT upload to the Sims 2 Website.
2. This lot was run through Sims2Pack Clean Installer and compressed using WIN RAR. (No Problems)

Thank you and enjoy!

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