Spawn of Square Stair ---- Diagonal Stair New Meshes

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Uploaded 15th Feb 2007 at 4:15 AM · Updated 2nd May 2007 at 11:17 AM by khakidoo : So far I've edited this thing 18 times since posting it .... I think I'm addicted to editing

Changed it already, I went back and forth on it, but finally decided to make the three different stairs not linked to one repository item... 1 reason is it's an advantage lot uploaders, to have the recolors stay in packaged lots... and also because maybe someone doesn't want all 3 versions of the stair cluttering up their catalog...

This is a and improved and now Base Game Compatible "Square Stair"
~~ Or rather, this time, it's a set of square stairs -
the classic 1 step, and now the 2 step and the 3 step;
both of which make placing the stairs much, much easier...

These are the other colors and the three meshes standing alone
Click it for a larger view:

The house in the pics is available for download here:

If you didn't see the original post - the idea behind these stairs is very simple-Sims can walk up slight inclines of the ground, so
these are stair shaped meshes that sims don't notice, and that they are able to walk through. Using the allow45degree cheat you
can turn the stair on the diagonal and have "working" diagonal stairs.

In your game you will find this in the Buy Mode > Decorative > Miscellaneous area of the catalog, not in the stairs category.
It's catalog cost is 10 dollars.

Yes, Sims still get their feet cut off.... and I still don't care...

Please see my original post ~here~ for some building tips
& here's a little quick start tutorial type video clip
& here's a clip of the stairs in use:

Cheat Info:
While the stairs themselves are base game compatible, you would need the University EP to use
the boolprop allow45degreeangleofrotation true cheat that enables turning objects on the diagonal.
However, even without turning the stairs on the diagonal you are able to use them when you
want less than 4 stairs. They really look good in a back yard, on graduated patio levels and such...
See my Low Willows or Ground Cover Plants posts to see some example pics

Both the 2 and 3 step models are "2 clicks" tall, the difference is in the fatness of the individual
stairs on each mesh, and the 2 and 3 step stairs are usable without any "object placement cheats"
but the cheats you may want to use while building
with these objects are:
* moveobjects on
* boolprop snapobjectstogrid false
* boolprop allow45degreeangle of rotation
* boolprop constrainfloorelevation false

The single stair is still
vertices 34
faces 18
2 Step is
vertices 48
faces 24
3 Step is
vertices 72
faces 36

Texture/Recolors Notes:
I've only included 3 colors... unfortunately I haven't found a satisfactory way to get textures from
floorcoverings to match up when used to recolor the stair... so I tried to give you three "generally" usable colors...

The darkest color coordinates with some floors that I made - my favorite dark woods - just standard maxis wood that I darkened
and squished so I have included a .rar of them since the dark color doesn't really match any of the standard maxis floor colors
except the parquet

Many many many thanks to everyone who has helped me with this... Inge, MaryLou,
Quaxi via SimPe, Numenor's and Jwoods's tutes... all the moderators here at MTS2
who have taken the time to answer my questions... and all of the people who
encouraged me, and the people who commented on/thanked for and
downloaded the original stair

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

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