Bleach Shinigami Uniforms Child-Elder

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Bleach Shinigami Uniforms Child-Elder

Hi everyone!

So, I spent the greater half of September learning how to mesh and these are the fruits of my labor, the Shinigami basic uniform and the male and female Shinigami school uniform. Both sets are for Child-Elder and appear under Everyday and Athletic.

I am working on the rest of the Gotei 13 captains, lieutenants, and notable Shinigami. I'll probably be releasing them by division or in clusters, depending on how many people and how complicated the uniforms are. Quincy uniforms are in the works, and I do intend on making the Shiba siblings (though no guarantee when I'll be finished with those).

Update 9/24/07: New Urahara mesh up get it here


Mesh Policy:
- I am a pretty lax person so feel free to do whatever you want with my meshes, just keep them free.
- Mutilate the mesh all you want if you feel you can make it better, I'm just a newbie so I know there are plenty of people who can.
- You can include the mesh in your downloads, just put a link back to here for credit.

Polygon Counts:
AMshinigami, TMshinigami, CUshinigami: 2066
AFshinigami, TFshinigami: 2108

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