Grimm's Fairy Tale Set 1 (Snow White and Rose Red)

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Uploaded 14th Mar 2008 at 7:20 AM · Updated 14th Mar 2008 at 6:56 PM by Versailles1798 : Complying with Notes. (Sorry...I knew Raon's meshes weren't redistributable, but I didn't think about the hair color!)

Straight from the pages of Grimm's fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red", from the land of once upon a time, come these two young teen sister Sims.

Snow White is the shy and quiet sister, who enjoys helping her mother with the household chores and staring out the window onto the bleak winter landscape. But behind her morose exterior lies a brave and bold spirit.

Rose Red is the more outgoing and energetic sister. Like Snow White, she loves her mother dearly, but likes better to play outside in the rain and collect colorful flowers. Although she is very independent, she needs her sister to bring about her calmer and softer side.

NOTE: Make sure you download the meshes from the links below the post. The mesh from All About Style is the "Teen Golden Dress" located halfway down the page. For the mesh from 2-for-u, you have to click on Meshes>Fashion>Female Teens. The mesh is on page 1 (the blue one with the wide hem). At the Raonsims link, make sure you download the black hair recolor as well as the mesh!

NOTE 2: The Snow White in this fairy tale is not the famous one that lives with the seven dwarves. That one is known as "Sneewittchen" in German, while the one I am uploading is known as "Schneeweißchen."

Custom Content by Me:
- Snow White
- "Snow White" Skintone
- "Snow White" Gown Recolor
- Rose Red
- "Rose Red" Lips
- "Rose Red" Eyebrows
- "Rose Red" Hair Recolor 1
- "Rose Red" Gown Recolor

Custom Content Included:
- Doll Eye (Blue) by teru_k
- Ephemera Eyelashes by teru_k
- Ephemera Lipbalm by teru_k
- Ephemera Eyelashes by teru_k
- Doll Eye (Green) by teru_k
- Ephemera Simpleskin (Pale) by teru_k

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