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Uploaded 9th May 2008 at 6:50 PM

Across my travels through different sim sites, I have found many different types of eyeshadows, but none that seem to fit my everyday sim. Most of them are glamored up; while that's fine for my glamor sims, it doesn't work well for Ms.Plain who just wants to wear a little makeup and look nice for her friends at a party.

To answer this problem, I have created my own small set of simplistic (but colorful!) eyeshadows, and humbly submit them here.

There are two sets included in this .zip file (to make 8 total packages):

Natural Eyeshadows: Included are 4 'natural' colors.
-Light Pink
-Medium brown
-Medium-Dark Brown
-Dark Brown

Colorful Eyeshadows: Included are 4 more exciting colors of eyeshadow.
-Crimson (a medium red/brown)
-Gold (a more gold color)
-Forest Green (always good for a plantsim or nature oriented sim)
-Sky Blue (A beautiful light blue)

All eyeshadows work with both genders and all ages above toddler. No expansion nessesary, they work with the base game.

Any feedback or suggestions would be most welcome!

xxxFeel free to recolor, and post on your website, with links to this post! Please do not however upload to any paysites! Thank you!xxx

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