Simple and Modern Multi-Level House - "Hollywood Hills" Style

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Uploaded 23rd Jun 2008 at 9:38 PM · Updated 5th Sep 2008 at 6:04 AM by CynicalChick

When I ran across this floor plan, my first thought was that I wanted a real one for myself Then I decided I wanted one for my Sims. I left it alone for awhile.. thinking that I didn't have enough patience. Finally with a little encouragement, I decided to give it a go....This is the most difficult project I've ever done. It required some modification to fit into the sim world but at last it's finished. I think it looks a bit 1970's Hollywood Hills.

Very Important

This lot was expanded from the original 2x5 to 2x6 using the Lot Adjuster 1.1, If you aren't familiar with this tool, definitely read this first. You don't have to install anything, just read, especially the Known Issues. I've had no problems with lots created this way but you may wish to try them out away from your favorite neighborhood if you have any doubts.

When you place this lot, make sure it's really, really where you want it.. your results might be different but after moving the lot, the steep slope had leveled itself leaving a large "ridge". It was fairly simple to fix, but you may not want to go to that much trouble. The lots around it weren't affected but it looked strange. Also, tho I haven't experienced this, I have heard froma few people that lots that have been expanded/shrunk sometimes can't be moved to another location.

Be sure to find a similar slope as in this picture... a little bit more or less is fine but placing this lot on flat land is NOT a good idea... you'll warp your landscape and you will have a difficult time seeing the interior.

A variety of building cheats were used including Move Objects and ConstrainFloorElevation. As a result, you might need to use Move Objects to place decorations on the exterior bedroom walls. I was able to place everything in there that's needed without the cheat.

The invisible driveway recolor by roddyaleixo is included.

Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2.5
Multi-tiered patio

Lot Size: 2x6
Lot Price: 46, 848

Additional Credits:
Bry and Tig for their input.
Pizza Hut for fueling this weekend project.
Am I forgetting someone? Hmmm.... Oh yeah, V1ND1CARE. for suggesting several times that she needed a house like this. Thanks for the nudge into getting started.

Number of bedrooms: 2 Bedrooms
Custom Content Included: Build content only
Furnishings: Unfurnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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