Red XIII - FFVII - Custom Coat

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Uploaded 17th May 2009 at 1:16 AM · Updated 17th May 2009 at 3:01 PM by Taure

It was time for something experimental again, so here's Red XIII's coat, should people want it. Texturing animals is insanely hard, so I don't recommend it D: Naturally, I would have liked him to have his spikey hair but..yeah. Poor pets without CC.
He's a dog; it's the only way to get him at a large size.

I used Ticks-Tocks' great tutorial on making custom pet coats, find it here:

For this upload to show up, you need to unlock the Neon Green fur for dogs; at Ticks-Tocks' site you will find how to do so. If you just want the coat, you can find it under Neon Green SMOOTH. Sometimes you have to look hard for it, and have to hit the golden retriever standard coat first.

Please bear in mind that this file will OVERRIDE the Neon Green Smooth coat for dogs; it's a DEFAULT replacement.

If someone makes the ultimate Red XIII Sim with this..lemme know!

p.s. Should you really get stuck in finding him in the menu, you can always download the Sim you see in the pictures from my website; it will put him immediately in your custom folder.

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