Children Interactions Fix update July 10 '09

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Here are several hacks that let kids do interactions that have been disabled.

-Kids can Challenge Ranked Opponents to chess, fullfill wish to play ranked opponent, and climb ladder.

-Kids can play guitar*, play for tips*, perform songs*, learn songs*, and gain Guitar.

-With the proper trait kids can troll on forum, post inappropriately, check for responses, and set things on fire.

-Kids can pick up seeds and analyze space rocks. Future hack may include gardening. (The seed alert doesn't work properly, but check your inventory to see the results.)

-Kids can practice speech in the mirror and gain Charisma.

-Kids can scoop fish out of fishbowl.

-Kids can pick up trashcan and get the mail*. (If you downloaded "JTP_childPickupTrashcan.package", please delete it and replace with "JTP_childTrashcanMailbox".)

-Kids can unclog the toilet*, sink*, bathtub*, shower*, and gain Handiness. (They cannot upgrade anything or repair electrical objects.)

*Marked interactions will cause your Sim to stretch like Mr Fantastic. It is perfectly harmless and temporary. It's kind-of annoying but I have no idea how to change the animations. :S

Working on some other minor tweaks, I'll update this page when done. Still working on Gardening; there are a few bugs I can't figure out. Also doing some work on Athletics and Cooking. If you want anything specific, just ask. But nothing vulgar.

This is my first try at modding anything so let me know if there's a problem. BTW you don't need to download all of these; they each run as standalone.

Additional Credits: S3PE by Peter L Jones:

Tutorial by Inge:

Type: Skilling Fixed

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