8 New Beauty Marks

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I've had this project sitting on my computer for months now, and I finally decided to go ahead and finish it. Like the title says, I've created 8 new beauty marks. Why did I bold the words "beauty marks", you ask? Well, instead of making these costume make up like so many others out there, these show up under the Topical Details Section and are 100% layerable!

Yes, these moles actually show up under the beauty marks section and can be checked and layered with makeup, freckles, other beauty marks and costume make up!

How did I do this? Well, I used this tutorial by CmarNYC and tweaked it a bit. To make these took a little extra coding, but freeing up an accessory slot was worth it

Anyhoos, like I said, there are eight new moles but you can have only three custom beauty marks in your game at one time. Like with sliders, the game has a hard-coded limit of the amount of beauty marks that can be in the game (which is five by the way). Because you can only have five total, minus the two EA ones only left room for three custom beauty marks. However there is a mod by Rez Delnava that expands the GUI size in CAS, allowing for more beauty mark/freckles slots. The mod can be found here: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=410965%29

If you do not have this mod, then you can only have three of my beauty marks in your game at one time.

These are Unisex and Uni-age (is that a word?) which means your sim well retain this beauty mark their entire life. When your sim ages up they will still keep their beauty mark and their children can inherit them

These are NOT recolorable because they function like the EA beauty marks. Yes you lose the ability to recolor them BUT it frees up the custom make up slot for something more useful like pretty contacts

Time for the boring stuff:

-You may upload/include these with sims (with proper credit, of course)
-You may not redistribute these on any other site, or claim them as your own
-You may "piggyback" off of these to make your own moles and blemishes

Additional Credits:
Cherub Curly Hair By HystericalParoxysm at MTS

Default Replacement Eyes by Syera at MTS

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